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Tuesday 28 September 2010

David Jones, Kristy Fraser-Kirk, and the whole juggernaut.

I am a huge fan of The Punch, and this latest piece from Tory Maguire, deputy editor at The Punch, is a thought-provoking read. It speaks of the timing and sensationalism surrounding the sexual harrassment case of Kristy Fraser-Kirk and former David Jones boss Mark McInnes. The most eyebrow raising part for me was reading that Kristy's team has set up a website which directs you to all statements made by her camp.This is one slick machine. Have a read, see what you think, and comment away:

Fraser-Kirk’s confronting a monster of her own creation

Kristy Fraser-Kirk, the young woman who launched a $37 million law suit against David Jones and its former CEO Mark McInnes, is feeling the strain.

Yesterday her barrister Rachel Francois told the Federal Court Fraser-Kirk has developed an adjustment disorder and the “media intrusion” into her life since news of her case broke was partly to blame.

The point was raised during arguments over whether the names of potential witnesses in the mega sexual-harassment case should be made public, with Fraser-Kirk’s team saying it wanted to protect other women from suffering the same intrusions as the former DJ’s marketing staffer.
There’s no doubting the media interest in the case has been intense. It’s the business story with everything - a venerable brand, a red-hot chief executive, and that $37 million, a figure so staggering it could only have been arrived at with the intention of causing maximum attention and damage.

It’s worth looking back to early August when Fraser-Kirk first announced she was lodging a statement of claim against the DJs board and McInnes, who had been punted from the retailer the previous month after she complained of him behaving inappropriately towards her at a work function.

It was the day before the David Jones Spring Summer 2010 fashion launch and the next day’s frock fest was overshadowed by the massive law suit.

The timing was no accident.

You can read the rest of the article here:


Photo credit: Brad Hunter

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