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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Kiddies' teeth and alarming stats

So, I've been working on an interesting PR project recently and was startled by some stats, especially as they relate to kids.

A new innovation in oral home healthcare – a world first from 3M (you know, the company renowned for innovations such as the Post-it note) – has launched a never seen before consumer product set to revolutionise home oral healthcare and to deliver an advanced level of preventive treatment accessible to all Australians.

Called Clinpro Tooth Crème, by 3M ESPE, it's an innovative new anti-decay toothpaste formulation that actively nourishes and restores teeth, whitens and cleans – all as you brush. Going beyond the plethora of supermarket brands, Clinpro Tooth Crème has a unique combination of fluoride and tri-calcium phosphate, which together deliver and increase the up-take of fluoride to the teeth compared to regular toothpaste, helping revitalise tooth enamel and re-mineralise teeth to repair, rebuild and reverse early decay.

So how does Clinpro Tooth Crème actually work? Where previously calcium and fluoride could not exist in the same formula, through 3M ESPE’s innovative research and breakthrough technology, during Clinpro’s production process a protective barrier is created around the calcium allowing it to coexist with the fluoride ions. In the process of brushing one’s teeth, as the toothpaste comes in contact with saliva, this barrier breaks down and makes the calcium, phosphate and fluoride readily available to the teeth.

And now, the alarming trend: Australia is showing record high cases of untreated tooth decay in kids – no surprise given the rise in sugar-laden food consumption – so preventive care is supremely important.

Clinpro Tooth Crème is available from dental professionals and leading online pharmacies. Visit http://www.testyourteeth.com.au/ to find an online stockist or for more information. RRP for Clinpro Tooth Crème is $25, and the vanilla mint flavoured tube can last up to a year.

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