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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Oprah is coming to Australia.... in case you haven't heard! Part one on this $ bonanza. Guest blogger: Ed Gibbs

So, you've probably heard by now that Oprah, the Big O, O-ski, The Winster is heading Down Under. I LOVE that Tourism Australia has been plotting this for a whole year (had they told Demi Moore? Well, she would've announced it - in a skimpy bikini - via Twitpic).

I also adore her audience's reaction; positively losing their 'nana with excitement. I often watch those Oprah gift-giving shows just to watch people cry tears over a state-of-the-art mixer. But this, well this is entirely different. Three hundred of her nearest and dearest leaving on a jet plane with John Travolta, qualified Qantas pilot and Oprah's bestie.

I've read two pieces on the upcoming Oprah shebang in the last 24 hours which I really enjoyed, and I'd like to share them with you.

One is from my good bud Ed Gibbs. Ed is a film, music and travel journalist, based in Sydney and has edited several film/music-related magazines, regularly hosts major film events (for the innovative Popcorn Taxi), is often asked to vent his spleen on live radio, and worked on "The Latest and Greatest" movie show for the Showtime TV network. He also contributes to a wide variety of international publications, including Empire, Rolling Stone, Men's Style, GQ, Time Out London/ Worldwide and The Sun-Herald/ Sunday Age, among many others. He regularly blogs on all things film, TV, music and travel on http://www.plasticsouls.blogspot.com/ and I highly recommend you follow him, and follow his Tweets on http://twitter.com/EdGibbs.

Hoges, Where the Bloody 'ell are Ya?

THE OPRAH WINFREY MACHINE IS COMING TO OZ. That's what was gleefully announced today in Sydney by a small group of local government ministers who may -- or may not -- be avid viewers of the daytime show.

What's more, we'll be helping to bring her over (thanks to government funding) and -- naturally -- it's in the best interests of the nation that we do. An embattled NSW Premier even got to pat her team on the back for not letting the secret out of the bag early. Finally, we sighed, a state government managing to get something right.

Ms Winfrey (pictured, above with some audience members and a very happy Tourism Australia rep) isn't coming purely for the star-fawning pleasures of party junkies, of course. Nor for the purpose of boosting her own ratings -- which hardly need our help. No, what the mighty O will bring to these far and distant shores goes far and beyond any guest gawping that would make even the brashest of nations quietly wince into their cornflakes the following day.

Ms Winfrey's TV extravaganza -- with 300 of her most devoted daytime fans and their captain John Travolta in tow, for a week-long Oz fest in December which culminates at the Opera House -- will, tourism chiefs hope, throw a spotlight on Oz the likes of which has never been seen before. Ever.

Continue reading here:

Read part two of my fave pieces on Oprah's big Aussie junket in next blog post.
(Photo courtesy LA Times).

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