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Sunday 26 September 2010

Javier Bardem is hot. Smokin' hot.

Searching high and low for magazine covers featuring the ruggedly handsome Javier Bardem promoting Eat Pray Love, I came up with just this one so far.

But this one more than made up for it. I know it's very wrong from every (health) angle, but a black and white image of a hot man smoking a cigarette, is, well... smokin'.

In the new issue of Esquire, Bardem talks about his upcoming film Biutiful, and reveals he feels that actors get too much credit for doing so little.

"[Doctors] should be on the cover of your magazine. They save lives. I only make movies. The world is a funny place. It doesn't make any sense," he said.

He claims he tries to remain an actor who acts because of the 'craft', not the fame, which would explain his decision to avoid questions about Eat Pray Love (wonder what the film PR's think about that), instead talking up the smaller Biutiful, for which he won the Palm d'Or award for Best Actor at Cannes.

"I think it's a masterpiece," he said, "and it needs help."

The newlywed is expecting a baby with wife Penelope Cruz. No magazine spread for the new bubba seems likely.

Photo Credit: Nigel Perry/Esquire

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