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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Ruby Rose + Milk and Honey = ultra cool threads

How cool is Ruby Rose?

I've always been a fan, from the very first days I heard talk about Foxtel's fabulous new find, but after seeing her heartfelt interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday, I was well and truly sold.

I'd read she'd been heavily bullied, but seeing her talk about it was something else.

The 24-year-old fashion model, dance club DJ and MTV presenter tells how incredibly hard it was for her. Here is an excerpt from her 60 Minutes interview:

It's hard to believe, but this current queen of cool was once a favourite victim for school bullies, targeted because she was gay. How hard was it for you at school? RUBY: The hardest time of my life, definitely.

MICHAEL USHER: You weren't safe? RUBY: Oh, no, I wasn't very safe at school at all. I was often bullied, you know, verbally. I was physically bullied. There was a toilet in the PE area that had a whole wall dedicated to people writing how much they hated me.

MICHAEL USHER: How bad did the bullying get? RUBY: I was put into hospital once. And I went to the doctor - I had lots of lumps on my head. They were throwing chairs - they had metal chairs at the cafe and they were just throwing them, they were pelting them, there was five of them.

MICHAEL USHER: I mean, Ruby, that sounds like hell. RUBY: It was hell.

I love the line she delivered for her acceptance speech at the Astra Awards: "To all those girls who bullied me in high school - where are you now?"

To borrow a line from school: "sucked in, moles." Being bullied is disturbing and wrong. Being bullied because of your sexuality is horrendous and unacceptable. And to well and truly give her schoolyard critics the finger, Ruby can now add fashion designer to her resume.

Ruby has teamed up with fashion label Milk and Honey, for the just released 'Milk and Honey Designed By Ruby Rose' range, now instore across Australia. The debut capsule collection is at MYER Miss Shop, Glue, Globalize, and selected boutique stores nationally.

Hot Springs Managing Director, Wassim Gazal says of the partnership: “This is a true collaboration between Ruby and our design team. We are delighted to be associated with Ruby as she speaks directly to our demographic through her personal style and her association with the music industry. This is more than a celebrity endorsement as Ruby’s strong design sense and hands on involvement has created a seamless extension to the Milk and Honey brand.”

The capsule collection embodies Ruby’s unique and edgy personal style, containing graphic singlets and t-shirts adorned with messages of equality and self expression as well as original art designed by the Milk and Honey team. Denim makes up the backbone of the collection in a large variety of styles, colours and treatments. These include sandblasted and ripped shorts with studded pockets, classic light wash jeans with knee-pad detail and a denim dress – perfect for the summer festivals. More trademark staples include razorback drop singlets, mini dresses with foiling and rock chick biker jackets. Even Ruby’s dog, Daisy, makes an appearance on one of the designs.

Ruby says: “I think of fashion as art, not clothing and it’s a way to express yourself without words. So when the opportunity came up to work with Milk and Honey, I was ecstatic. Scrap that - I was ridiculously overjoyed and inspired. There were no rules, apart from the fact that I was to be creative and design pieces that I would wear and to make it affordable for everyone - not pretentious, overpriced or unobtainable.”

For national stockists, call: 1800 988400

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