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Sunday 14 September 2014

Cancer patients remake Eric Prydz ‘Call on me’: VIDEO

Published on 9 September 2014, this video titled 'Cancer patients remake Eric Prydz’s sexy ‘Call on me’ music video', this video is on its way to going viral. It's wonderfully inspiring. Watch until the very end.

You can learn more and get involved.

International: http://aktivagainstcancer.org/against...
Norway: http://aktivmotkreft.no/against-givin...

The organisation which produced this video is called Aktiv Against Cancer / Aktiv mot kreft, which works to ensure that physical activity should be an integral part of cancer treatment all over the world. 
I love the concept! People are sexy at all ages, scars and all.

Here's the original Eric Prydz 'Call On Me' video:

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