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Friday 5 September 2014

Joan Rivers: Best-of VIDEOS

Joan Rivers has died, age 81, and the internet is FILLED with vintage and new Joan clips.

Here are some of the best:

And here is a much-talked about appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show:

Here is a classic clip with Joan and Lucille Ball!

And here is a round-up of 'best of' clips from CNN:

And here is Joan discussing her 'sex tape' with Ray J on the Wendy Williams show:

And Joan losing it on 'Celebrity Apprentice' (US version):

And Joan at her own 'roasting':

And an entire ep on 'Fashion Police':

And here is an old interview with Joan and Brigitte Nielsen:

And… Joan tells Oprah to lose weight:

And her recent storm off on US TV:

And David Letterman walks out on her:

And… probably the best clip yet. Kathy Griffin talks to Joan. The full 18 minute interview:

And, one more: the ice bucket challenge:

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