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Thursday 18 September 2014

Woolworths Gold Pizza Bases: Food Road-Test

Woolworths gave Josie's Juice the opp to be one of the first to trial the new hand-rolled sourdough pizza bases and, oh my… they are seriously good.

Now, I pride myself on being a pretty fabulous cook - in typical Italian style, there is always food in the fridge... nobody ever goes hungry here!

And pizza? Well, it's one of the specialties I am renowned for. Everyone loves my pizzas - it's my thing.

But these new pizza bases - part of the Woolworths Gold range - blow my usual pizza bases out of the water. Suddenly, my bakery store bought babes seem a tad clunky and overly thick, a tad OTT even.

These new babies… superior quality, crispy, yum, easy to eat, easy to bake (12 mins, tops).

The new Woolies Gold menu is right here:

And what they actually look like in store:

The Woolworths Gold new range of pizzas are available at all Woolworths stores Australia-wide now.

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