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Saturday 20 September 2014

Nicole Kidman: Eulogy for Her Father, Dr Antony Kidman

Nicole Kidman delivered a heartfelt, poignant eulogy yesterday at her beloved late father's funeral.

At the service, held at St Francis Xavier Church in Sydney, Nicole, 47, spoke about her 75 year old clinical psychologist father Dr Antony Kidman, who died of a suspected heart attack in Singapore last week.

She spoke after her mother, Janelle, who shared her memories of "Tony," calling him a man with "helpless, infectious laughter." This laughter is something you'd see in TV interviews, and something both his daughters, Nicole and Antonia, seemed to have inherited.

Nicole recounted how, in her in times of crisis, he would say: ‘Nic, it's going to be OK. It isn't what it could've been it isn't what it should have been, it is what it is."

Nicole touched on life with her Hollywood actor ex-husband Tom Cruise. She said: "He was on the plane hours after I got divorced. He came to stay with me, looking after me for weeks."
She continued: "I'm so lucky to be his daughter, and that he chose my mother to make me with." 

"The only regret he'd have is that he's not here to see his beautiful grandchildren grow up. And that he's not here to take care of Jay (his beloved wife Janelle)." 

She said she wanted to tell him that everyone in the church would help take care of their mother. "It's okay Papa, we're here to take care of her. I want to say to him, 'Don't worry, we'll be able to take care of her... I love you Papa!'"

Nicole spoke of a man who didn't care for material possessions and wouldn't even look at the label if she brought him a Prada shirt. He didn't even notice. And of the car and the watch her unmaterialistic father refused

"He is the reason I can't walk past someone on the street with their hands out without giving," Nicole added.

The tribute also included revealing anecdotes about how he doted on his family, including how her father would pick Nicole up from parties at all hours. 

"He was the father who was always going to be there," she said

"I am one of the lucky ones," Nicole told the group of mourners, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. "I am a girl, a woman, raised by an extraordinary man," whom she described as a gentleman, friend, confidante, and protector. "He was calm, wise, self-restrained, and generous. What more could you wish for in a father?"

Such beautiful words. Rest in Peace, Antony Kidman.

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