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Tuesday 16 September 2014

'Pantene Promise': Robyn Lawley - the new face

New formulations in haircare are a very big deal - when it's Pantene we're talking about.

At an event for beauty media last week, Pantene introduced the ‘Pantene Promise’ and the new Pantene formula upgrade and the addition of innovative new products including Dry Shampoo and BB Crème made their debut. Yep, BB Crème for your hear.

Pantene also excitedly announced the partnership with Robyn Lawley – model, blogger and business woman – to share her experiences with new Pantene.

Robyn comments: “am so excited to be partnering with Pantene at this exciting time as they unveil a truly breakthrough formulation in hair care. In my job as a model my hair goes through a lot, but the new Pantene keeps it looking strong and healthy giving me the confidence to shine.”

Isn't she stunning? Such a good choice - that hair!

New Pantene is designed to meet the needs of Australian women by addressing their number one hair care concern; damage. The optimal blend of Pro-V in new Pantene nourishes and protects your hair to deliver up to 100% damage protection with a lightweight feel.

After years of research and listening to thousands of Australian women (yep, thousands),  P&G introduced a breakthrough formulation in hair care; a  new and changed Pantene. 


The new Pantene is designed to meet the needs of Australian women by addressing their number one hair care concern; damage (63%). The optimal blend of Pro-V in new Pantene nourishes and protects your hair to deliver up to 100% damage protection with a lightweight feel.


The new Pantene formulation contains a revolutionary technology Keratin Damage Blockers, which helps defend hair against irreversible oxidative damage.


Lais Koelle, Pantene Senior Scientist, comments: “Keratin is a protein that makes up 80% of hair. One of the main causes of hair damage is keratin loss, especially at the ends.  Free radicals attack the keratin protein inside your hair leading to damage and hollowing of the hair structure. The antioxidant in the new Pantene shampoo formulation neutralizes the free radicals and reduces the amount of damage they can cause. Less keratin protein loss means a reduction in progression of hair damage.”

In addition to a complete base formulation upgrade, Pantene introduces a range of innovative new products, including the Ultimate 10 BB Crème and Dry Shampoos.

Barney Martin, Pantene’s Expert Hairstylist, comments: “I love that the new Pantene addresses the issues Australian women are facing with their current hair care; damage and limpness. The lightweight formula in new Pantene means hair is manageable without flyaways, but the Keratin Damage Blockers provide superior protection to both the inside and outer layer of the hair strand. What’s more the addition of the Ultimate 10 BB Crème and the Dry Shampoo are great for busy women to help keep their hair looking at its best day and night.”


The range is completely excellent… and in coming weeks, you can go in the running to win some on this blog (stay tuned!)

Through 10 years of research and listening to Australian women, Pantene knows what is important in their hair care routine;


Over two-thirds (67%) of Australian women feel that their current hair care products fall short or fail completely on delivering on what they promise, with 32% citing the main reason for being dissatisfied is that products don’t live up to the claims they make. As many as 65% of women have felt dissatisfied after using a damage protection hair product that left their hair feeling heavy and weighed down.


In light of these findings, the survey also revealed there is little loyalty for shampoo and conditioner products with the average Australian woman changing her hair care brand up to three times a year. Highlighting the effects that great hair can have on Aussie women, over one third (39%) of Aussie women admitted to experiencing 'hair-envy' when they see someone with perfect hair (yah, I hew you).


Reinforcing that feeling great about their own hair isn’t out of reach, Pantene are ensuring they really mean the whole Pantene Promise thing - Australian women get to trial the new formulation. They can try it for free by visiting www.pantenepromise.com.au for more information.


You can also share your biggest hair concerns and offer up feedback, stay informed and be part of the conversation by heading to www.facebook.com/PanteneANZ. You can also find Pantene on Instagram @PanteneANZ.

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