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Friday 5 September 2014

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate: VIDEOS

You've really got to stand out to make an impact in a sea of beautifully-crafted beauty sites.

For Sigourney Cantelo, it's a cinch.

Sigourney has worked as a beauty journalist for 14 years and was most recently Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia for nearly six years. Throughout her career, she has been awarded six Star Beauty Awards and four Jasmine Awards including the coveted Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence.

And now, she has created her own beauty site called 'Beauticate' and it's a beauty.

Below are some of her most popular videos. But first, more about Sigourney who, by the way, is as lovely inside as she is on the outside. One the sweetest, loveliest people I've met.

Dubbing herself 'Beauticate Founder. Lipstickler', here is Sigourney:

PHOTO: Jake Terrey www.jaketerrey.com

Here she explains her love of beauty:

"I’ve loved beauty products for as long as I can remember. My mum was a news reporter who was (and still is) impeccably groomed. I remember our bathroom as a kind of shrine to femininity - those colourful little pots and fragrant potions held so much fascination to me. As soon as I could scrape together a few dollars I bought my first fragrance, a sticky, sickly sweet rose oil blend from Sydney’s Glebe markets. I wore it with my velvet jacket and Doc Martens (yes, this was at the height of nineties grunge). I started working in magazines and discovered that there was such a thing as a beauty editor. My purpose was suddenly clear, I resolved to start at the bottom and work my way up. Fourteen years later and several beauty editing gigs under my belt, I’m still lucky enough to be romancing those colourful little pots every day.
When I’m not elbow deep in deadlines, I love nothing more than taking a quiet beach picnic with my boys (hubby Damien and two-year-old Max) or heading out for a cheeky champagne with my girlfriends. I have a penchant for Mexican food and add chilli flakes to everything. Even my eggs.
But back to beauty… I know the industry is sometimes criticised for being fluffy, glossy and superficial. And sure, parts of it are: the fantastical campaigns and the flawless, airbrushed imagery are all designed to sell a dream. But the real value of cosmetics goes much deeper than that. What I love about beauty is its power to transform, not just the way you feel physically, but emotionally too.
It’s the little things, like the mood-boost you get from a bold lip on a dreary morning; the confidence you gain from walking into a room with a fresh blow-dry; a new fragrance that inspires compliments from strangers, or better yet, that full body “ahhh” you feel when you slip into a hot, fragrant bath. These things can be seriously empowering.
Cosmetics give women the tools to change the way they feel about themselves. But tools won’t do much without the skills to use them. The real transformation comes when you master the techniques – when you get a handle on the “How-Tos”.
Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible industry professionals and personalities who have their beauty routines seriously down pat. Beauty sophisticates (“Beauticates”) whose stories I longed to share.
My favourite part of my job has always been encouraging women to feel more confident and I wanted the opportunity to personally connect with my readers and share these secrets.
And so the idea for Beauticate was born. A website devoted to the “Whos” and the “How Tos” of beauty. I want this to be a site which celebrates anything that makes women feel beautiful – whether it’s how they style their hair or where they go for a facial; a new miracle product they've discovered or a can’t-live-without fragrance. But above all I want this to be your site. Somewhere you can indulge a little. After all, beauty is meant to be fun. I’ve certainly enjoyed creating it and I hope you enjoy it, too!"
Sigourney x
Here are some of her most watched vids:

You can follow Sigourney on the Beauticate site herewhich includes beautiful editorial pieces and beauty news.

On Instagram on her own account here.

On Beauticate Instagram here.

On her YouTube channel here.

On Twitter here.

And on Pinterest here.

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