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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Coles 'Marjorama' Viral Photo

This guy - Andrew Onorato - and his random photo of a Coles pack of the herb marjoram with his kooky caption below has been doing the round for the past few days.

We ALL know drugs are a serious issue, nothing at all funny about the scourge of it all.

However, Andrew has had people across social media perplexed, divided into two camps: one half: is this guy for real? The other: high-fiving the sheer, humorous stupidity of it all.

Here is the photo and the caption, and then… Coles's response:

Absolutely f***ing appalled at Coles, a 'family' supermarket for supporting the legalisation and sale of marjorama. I am disgusted that they would openly sell this narcotic on their shelves where children can easily grab and consume and die. Facebook friends, please stand by and support me in the boycotting of all Coles stores until every last leaf of this disgusting drug is destroyed. I am NOT going to support a company who supplies ILLEGAL DRUGS. What is this world coming too.

This was said to be the reply from Coles, although the post was deleted entirely from the Coles Facebook wall:

High non-happy Coles customer! We’re terribly sorry you came across this at our joint. If this isn’t your thing, we have weed killer located on aisle 8. For your safety though, please steer clear of the pot section located in the kitchen wear aisle. Can we be stopped, yes we can-abbis… So thanks for bringing this to our attention. Mary Jane (Customer Relations)

After Coles deleted the post, here was Andrew's response:

Hi everyone. It is with great sadness that I report Coles has begun covering it's tracks and has deleted the post I submitted to their wall. This is unacceptable. Just because they delete the post, doesn't mean they can just keep selling drugs in their supermarkets. This is not the end of the investigation, this is just the beginning. Keep your ears and eyes open and please forward any photos of coles selling narcotics to either myself ir directly to the federal police. The police have been notified and I will be helping them take down this huge drug network across Australia. Thankyou for your support. ‪#‎banmarjorama‬

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