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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Struggle Street Series Concludes on SBS ONE Next Week

If you're wondering why the three part doco series on SBS (ep one screened tonight) called 'Struggle Street', is concluding next week, here's why.

This press release, just in from the TV station:

SBS and Keo Films observational documentary series Struggle Street will conclude on SBS ONE next Wednesday 13 May from 8:30pm.

Due to the significant public interest in the series in the lead up to its broadcast tonight and in consideration of participants who bravely tell their stories, SBS has decided to fast track the series’ which will now conclude in a two hour program next week.

Struggle Street was filmed over a six month period and is an honest and raw, but often heart-warming and inspiring glimpse into the lives of individuals and families involved which seeks to more broadly explore a range of issues that can affect the lives of Australians.

SBS and Keo Films continue to be focused on working closely with, and supporting participants of this documentary as we have throughout the entire production process, as well as liaising with community leaders. We take our responsibilities in supporting the participants very seriously.

SBS and Keo Films stand by Struggle Street as a program which makes a valuable contribution to the national conversation about the support needed to address complex issues of hardship, illness and addiction.

Struggle Street Episode 1 aired tonight at 8.30pm on SBS ONE. The series will conclude on SBS ONE next Wednesday 13 May at 8:30pm in a two hour program and be simultaneously made available online at SBS ON DEMANDsbs.com.au/ondemand

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