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Thursday 7 May 2015

Errol Brown Dies, Age 71: Hot Chocolate Singer - VIDEO

Errol Brown, singer/songwriter and lead singer with Hot Chocolate - the most famous of which is 'You Sexy Thing' has died of liver cancer at 71.

The Jamaican-born singer, who spent most of his life in Britain where he was given a knighthood for his cultural contributions, died at his home in the Bahamas, his manager Phil Dale said.
Mr Dale called Brown "a wonderful gentleman. There was always music wherever he was," he said.
He and friend Tony Wilson, a songwriter who became the co-founder of Hot Chocolate, decided in the late 1960s to make reggae versions of hits of the day.
In fact, a reggae version of 'Give Peace a Chance' made its way to the Beatles' Apple Records. They objected and said the band needed permission.
However, Errol later said John Lennon himself soon heard the reggae cover and helped the band sign to Apple Records.
In the mid-1980s, the band put out hits each year, including 'You Sexy Thing', 'Love is Life' and 'Brother Louie'
Brown told Britain's Telegraph newspaper in a 2009 interview "I never grew up wanting to be a pop star; I never grew up interested in performing music at all".
Despite his sex symbol status, Errol was said to be uninterested in the rock-and-roll life - was married for 35 years to his wife Ginette, who survives him along with two daughters.
RIP, Errol Brown. Enjoy this track, you guys:
(News source: AFP).

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