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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Jeremy Piven Promoting 'Entourage' Movie as Ari Gold: VIDEO

The 'Entourage' movie promo has begun!

And Jeremy Piven, who plays the very, er, unique Ari Gold, has started the movie publicity rounds… as Ari Gold. Gold.

Here is the clip:

And here is Jeremy Piven's tweet:

I think it's a genius idea - the antics (and tantys) of Ari Gold will no doubt reach a whole new level in the movie version, if these best of clips are anything to go by:

And here is the 'Entourage' movie trailer:

The 'Entourage' movie opens in Australia on June 11, and will feature all the original TV cast, plus a looong list of celebrity cameos (Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson, Emily Ratajkowski, Thierry Henry, Pharrell, George Takei, Tom Brady, Ed O'Neill, and of course the show's creator, Mark Wahlberg).

And, you can actually buy the book by Ari Gold above from book retailers.

Follow Jeremy Piven on Twitter here.

Here are some of Ari Gold's best (craziest… most arrogant) moments:

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