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Friday 1 May 2015

Nonna Paola with SKIP App: VIDEO

Nonna Paola's new ad for the Sensis 'SKIP' app is hilarious.

Not posted yet on social media except for the company's YouTube page (Nonna's son Greg let me know about it this morning during our phone chat about Nonna's red carpet coverage on Sunday - see that interview here), here is what goes down.

Nonna plays assistant at a busy coffee shop, calling out people's names, while promoting this new app called 'SKIP.'

You can imagine the fun that transpires.

It's selfie and photo central, and in one instance, some people whose phone photo didn't quite a good shot, Nonna Paola says:

"That was a rubbish phone."

Calling out more names, she says: "Who's 'sexy'"? Looks like a cheeky bugger wanted to muck around a little with Nonna P.

And when the barista isn't fast enough?

"What are you doing? I'm waiting here for what?"

When a fellow Italian lady asks, 'Is this your coffee shop' - "E' il tuo?" - Nonna replies: "Se era il mio era ricca!" ("If it were mine, I'd be rich!").

She ends with: "SKIP very good. SKIP the best. I love SKIP."

Watch the whole very funny video here:

Follow the social media convo on #SkipWithNonna

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