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Saturday 9 May 2015

Dubsmash: Blonde Girl VIDEO + Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Dubsmash VIDEO

So, you guys… Dubsmash is definitely a thing.

As in, an app, as in viral videos, as in celebs are doing it.

Get in on the act.

But first: this girl. I would have named her something better than 'blonde girl' but this is all I could search as keywords, and I tracked her down. Beyond fantastic. Does this girl act for a living? No? She completely should (can you guess the movies she's dubsmashing? I picked 'Bruce Almighty', 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'… um, I think that's it):

Download the app right here.

Oh, and here is the Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Dubsmash 'face off':

Special mention to i98FM radio host Bianca Dye for posting her cray, short Dubsmash video (click on date below and you'll see it):

Slightly addicted to this damn app!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

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