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Sunday 24 May 2015

Starbucks Supervisor Yells In New York City Store: VIDEO

That Starbucks woman losing her shit story this week…?

You know the one. The Starbucks manager who refuses to give her customer a 'cookie straw'.

What made ME angry? That, as an Aussie, I had to Google 'cookie straw'! :)

Did you know?

They are those 'piccolo' long wafer biscuit things:

Okay, now that's out the way… here is that video:

The Starbucks manager in New York is no longer with the company. Ruby Chen, the customer on the receiving end of the rant, says that it all started when she ordered a Frappuccino and didn’t hear another employee ask for her name for the order.

The manager says she has quit (although it has been widely reported she has since been fired). Ruby, a customer at Queens store, complained about the interaction on Starbucks' Facebook page and posted the above video provided to her by another customer in the store who filmed the entire incident on Tuesday.

Ruby says she'd placed an order for a Frappuccino at the store on Broadway in Elmhurst, Queens, and was pulling up the Starbucks app on her phone to pay (actual money is so old school, you guys! I too am a PayPass fan). The Starbucks employee asked her name for her order - but Ruby says she didn't hear her.

And that's when the worker began shouting at her, Ruby says.

The worker then yanked away the app scanner when Ruby tried to pay, and then "told me to leave and never go back" to the store, Ruby says.

The worker then accused her of trying to steal the cookie straw she was holding. She asked a co-worker to call the police.

Next, Ruby was told: "You're talking to the manager," said the worker told Ruby asked who the manager was. "Get out. You're not going to be served here. Period. Bye. Bye. Bye." 

Actually, the worker was a shift supervisor, not a manager, according to a spokeswoman for Starbucks.

The shift supervisor is heard telling Ruby: "Give me the straw and leave. Or you can leave with the straw and not be allowed back in. Which one do you want to do? Because when I told you the price, you wanted to keep on arguing. So which one do you want to do? You're not going to be served here."

When other customers in the store began to speak in Ruby's defence, the supervisor began yelling at them, too.

"Excuse me, nobody's talking to you. Get out of here. Bye," the supervisor said.

However, a spokeswoman for Starbucks told NBC 4 New York the employee was in fact fired as soon as they learned of the incident - the shift manager had not quit.

"This customer's experience is not reflective of the service our partners provide to customers every day," the spokeswoman said in a statement. "Our leadership team is reaching out to the customer to apologize and make this right."

Ruby confirmed that Starbucks reached out to her in a comment on her Facebook video, saying that the district manager apologised and promised "the leadership team would do everything to prevent terrible customer service of this kind from happening ever again."

Ruby said she was offered a $100 gift card and assured that the company was taking her complaint seriously.


Do you work in retail? Do you have any horror stories?

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