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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Put A Rang On It: PHOTOS

I started following this tumblr page called 'Put A Rang On It' a few days ago via Instagram. It came up on my suggested pages feed on Insty.

Yes, it shows stars who have been given the 'ranga' (slang name for red hair) treatment, complete with red follicles and freckles. AND: they're christened with a brand new ranga-inspired name.

Here are some of the best, below. With so many Aussie entries, I am thinking the person behind it is an Aussie ranga lover...

Follow them here on tumblr.

Or here on Instagram.

Pharrang Williams

Antonio Brangderas 
Ariana Grangde 
Barang Obama 
Carrang Bickmore 
Don Drangper 
Ja’mie Rang 
Karl Stefarangvic 
Rangky Martin 
Rangyan Gosling 
Sofia Verangra 
Tony Rangbbott 
Zayrang Malik
Conchita Wurangst

Girang Liano

Ricky Gerangis

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