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Friday 1 May 2015

http://how-old.net - Microsoft thinks it can guess your age using facial recognition

Those weird profile photos you've seen on Facebook with yellow post-it note looking things above a person's head?

Let me explain.
Or let Microsoft corporate vice president Joseph Sirosh explain. He said onstage at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco today:
“It’s a really fun API [application programming interface] that allows you to submit pictures, detect faces in that, and tells you an estimate of their age and gender,” 
Sirosh told everyone at the conference — in the crowd and online — to check out the app, at how-old.net, which uses Microsoft’s Face API.
Many have given it a try. But instead of generating 'Oh wow, this is accurate remarks on Twitter, the demo started a whole heap of memes, and some jibes about it on the ever-forgiving internet.
The site is powered by Microsoft Azure's Face APIs that not only recognise features and predict both gender and age. They can also group faces and determine if someone in multiple pictures is the same person. Windows 10 will use facial recognition as a log-in option and the tools that this Azure API offers would certainly come in handy for organizing that personal photo album -- expanding features already available in OneDrive.
Try it for yourself here: http://how-old.net

Did I try it? Yes. What did I get? A very generous 32 - I am 43. But I used a bloody good pic.

How about you…?

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