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Friday 22 May 2015

Tea With Jules: Guy Sebastian, Sally Obermeder, Samantha Jade, Pip Edwards + Rae Morris

In a series of interviews with Jules Sebastian, where she has tea and chats with the interview subject of her choice (called 'Tea With Jules'), Jules decides it's time to interview the most obvious person of all: her husband Guy Sebastian.

After a teaser was released last night, the full version is now on YouTube, with mixed reaction on social media.

You guys… it's a JOKE. A piss-take, some fun. (Why, oh why must we be 'outraged'/annoyed/dislike everything and be so verbal about it?). It's fun - watch until the end, and you will see when they throw their scripts away. I like it. These guys are the cutest couple:

For more wonderful 'Tea With Jules' segments, with TV presenter and author Sally Obermeder (I learned so much more about her, such a great interview), Australian singer Samantha Jade (Jules is her stylist), Pip Edwards, the design director at General Pants, and the incredible makeup artist Rae Morris - see below:

To follow Jules on YouTube, click here.

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