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Thursday 21 May 2015

David Letterman Best Of VIDEOS, incl 'The Dave Letterman Story' + Australian Screen Details, Last Show

David Letterman's last ever show is underway in the US right now (to catch the show in Australia, tune into Channel Ten from 9.50pm for the show, tonight).

Let's start a fun roundup of the show, below.

Called 'The David Letterman Story (1997)', it was actually only filmed a few days ago, with a 1990s vibe, and features LOTS of those classic clips you've seen before (Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, et al). Watch:

And some more recent guests, including last night's guest: Bill Murray. Out of a cake, of course:

Ray Romano explaining how 'Everybody Loves Raymond' got started:

And some more clips, starting with the gazillion times Julia Roberts and David Letterman shared a kiss on the show, including this recent one :

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