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Monday 20 October 2014

Blake and Louise 'The Bachelor': 'The Project' interview

And so, here we are again.

A Carrie Bickmore/'The Project' TV exclusive with 'The Bachelor' - this time, it's Blake and Louise.

UPDATED: the full video interview is below this transcript.

You know Louise, the third runner-up (or is that second runner-up, if she was the third one left?) - the beautiful blonde who wore vibrant shades of lipstick so she'd stand out and we'd remember her (I remember a Bachelorette from last year's show did the same bright lippy thing last year… but now I can't recall who); she's the exceptional baker who had all the girls flocking to her when they faced the bake-off challenge. The one many of us (?) thought would be a good match for Blake. Heck, even he said he had a good connection with her. Oh wait, he kinda said that to all/many of the women...

Tonight: Blake spills to Carrie on his (newfound) love for Louise.

Here's is what said in the interview:

"I am hoping to give you as much as I can always I've always try to. At least fortunately this time I won’t be hand tied," says Blake about being honest in this new TV interview.

He adds: "I’ve been requested by Sam not to mention anything about Louise and being respectful to Sam’s wishes, and I was doing just that.”

Says Louise about a letter we've been hearing he wrote to her: "He wrote me a very beautiful… letter explaining what happened. For me, I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't give it one last try."

When was this letter given to Louise?

Before the finale… YES, before the televised, he proposed to Sam finale!

So, asks Carrie, Louise watched the finale knowing how Blake felt about Louise

“I did and in some way Blake felt he was protecting me by sending me home on that episode," answers Louise.

Carrie asks Louise about how she can believe Blake's words in those letters any more than for Sam to believe the words that Blake said to her when he proposed? (Good one, Carrie… we are all thinking that!)

Says Louise: “I can only ask for honesty, I can only feel what I feel. It feels right I can’t question. I need to support Blake, I need to trust in his word.”

Why propose to Sam, then, Carrie asks? (YEAH, Carrie… you go!)

"I had strong feelings for…" (Carrie interrupts: “But strong feelings isn’t I love you for the rest of my life.”)

Blake counters: “But you’re in an environment, where time is never on your side. I wish I could have stretched those last days out into 30.”

Asks Carrie (again), the question we've all been thinking (again): “But you didn’t have to propose did you?”

“No I didn’t," says Blake.

“So why did you?” asks Carrie.

"I’ve always said I’d like to make a lifelong commitment, I’m ready for that. That was there but for me it was who," replies Blake.

Are you again rushing into this too soon, asks Carrie? Seeing as, she says, they've only been together properly since last Saturday.

"This is about as well paced as it's been in the last few months," says Blake.

Adds Blake: “Look it was difficult, especially for me because I’m just trying to be respectful and I’ve adhered to Sam’s wishes and I’m trying to be mindful of Lou and there’s only so much I can do or say. But when you insert a laugh track behind every one of those aspects what can I do?” (OUCH. Ouch. Blake is hurt and he wants Carrie to know it… why do I suddenly feel sad for this guy? Why, why?!)

Replies Carrie: “We don’t insert a laugh track - that’s people’s natural reaction to what you had to say, there were people who did think that what you had to say was disingenuous.”

And so, is Louise concerned about finding out about Blake's past? (You know, the whole stripper thing…)

Says Louise: “Well, that came out six months ago, you know, that’s his past and he wasn’t a stripper, he wasn’t, he wasn’t anything like that.

"But at the same time, I can only take Blake on how he treats me, and he’s always been respectful, kind and caring towards me, he’s always been my protector.”

And so… your thoughts?

Tomorrow night on 'The Project': Sam and Lisa speak. And BOY, do they let rip as they watch the footage we have just watched tonight.

ROUND TWO (or is it ten?) is imminent.

Here is the video interview in full, as transcribed above.

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