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Saturday 4 October 2014

Aleesa Hall: 'Glam Me Up' - Interview + VIDEO

Aleesa Hall is a fantastically talented and very experienced makeup artist who has worked with the best in the business in Australian television.

I met Aleesa when I undertook a fitness challenge with Fit n Fast and she came from her shift at the 'Today' show that morning to my home to do my makeup, pre photo shoot. She was fabulous and friendly and put my nerves at ease. I was showcasing my weight loss and donning some stylish clothes, and she had the job of making me look fresh and fabulous for all the different looks.

Here we are at the shoot. She's exceptional at what she does:

Aleesa has founded a beauty blog called 'Glam Me Up' three years ago (with fellow 'Glammers; and now she runs it all herself) with instructional, easy to follow videos on different makeup looks. Each video is fun and allows you to recreate looks with ease.

"I'm happy to say Glam Me Up is finally moving in the direction we had intended all those years ago - to teach women how to use makeup. Most women, especially in my age group, are terrified of misapplying makeup, so wear none at all. Or, they are stuck in a make-up rut from eons ago. I want to show real-life, grown up girls, that makeup is fun, and you can use it to look great. I now release weekly make-up tutorials and will soon be collaborating with my favourite beauty site 'The Glow' for further video how-tos. Stay tuned!"

Aleesa did a fab Q & A with Josie's Juice, and then, sit back and enjoy one of the excellent Glam Me Up videos, below.

Tell me your background in makeup (how you got started, why you delved into TV makeup and how long ago)?

I started my makeup course when I was 18 years old  (a long time ago) at 3-Arts MakeupTechnology which was the first makeup school in Sydney. I had previously completed two years of Fine Arts at TAFE which I had an inkling, even at that age, was possibly a complete waste of time. But when I started makeup college - I LOVED IT! And I could see a future in the biz. Unfortunately, two months into the course I was hit by a car travelling at 80kms an hour, and spent the next few months in and out of hospital, in various stages of repair. It was such a pain getting up that rickety staircase in a full leg cast with crutches!

The best thing I did to get my career rolling was work for M.A.C when the company first arrived to Australian shores - it was a really exciting time. And it is THE best way to get lots of experience with different faces, nationalities, and age groups. It was a pleasure this year to work again with the M.A.C team on 'The Voice' -  they are all really strong artists and importantly, great fun.

Tell me what a typical day is like for you?

It depends of course what I'm doing, but if I'm working at Channel Nine in the afternoon, I will do something to update my beauty site in the morning, either writing a blog or filming a tutorial. I have been known to turn up to Nine with a full smokey eye from filming said video. Working at Channel Nine is a hoot! I've freelanced there for 12 years, and there are so many colourful characters that I know and love who I can spin a yarn with. And of course, just sometimes, I even do makeup. If they play their cards right.

How do you deal with starting a whole lots of beauty products all the time - do you have an issue with pristine packaging and something being too beautiful to open? Or do you just go for it? (I am not sure if this question is about me, or you, ha!)

I have NO attachment to packaging as I'm very much into what the product can deliver. Being a makeup artist, I'm pretty sure of someting fairly soon, yet at the same time can tire of a product very quickly, moving on to the next best thing. I am so the product floozy!

What are some never fail beauty secrets to pep up tired faces you need to makeup at 4am? Tell me products you use, and what you do to keep the people you are making up wide awake and cooperating with their faces being gently prodded!

First you must fake the skin - which is to prep and prime. Quite often at this time of the morning, the faces haven't even popped out yet, if you know what I mean. I'm quite fond of M.A.C Softening Lotion drenched on a make-up pad and pressed against the face - it just wakes up the skin. Using a primer like Nars Pore Refining is also the ticket. Plus, a good foundation with a little luminosity. And nothing makes the face appear more alive than a healthy dose of cream blush on the apples of the cheeks.

What's the best advice you'd give to someone trying to break into the makeup industry in any capacity?

I always tell, especially the younger girls, who really want to get in the industry: do your hairdressing apprenticeship first! You will get so much more work if you're a double threat. Plus, you can always assist make-up artists while you're doing your apprenticeship - the fact that you are learning hair will only make you more desirable as an assistant.

You can follow Aleesa on Facebook here and Twitter here. And see and subscribe to all the Glam Me Up videos here.

And now, my fave Glam Me Up video: "How-To: Everyday Makeup in Your 40s"

Okay, here's another! The smokey eye how-to. LOVE it:

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