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Tuesday 21 October 2014

La Roche-Posay launches SkinChecker with puppy love: VIDEO

A health campaign with a cute little mascot to make the message more palatable, make us take notice? Yes, this is that kinda campaign.

In time for summer, top dermo-cosmetic skincare brand La Roche-Posay (which is also availalble in Australia, launching recently) launches SkinChecker, a world-leading campaign to educate and encourage the general public to spot signs of skin cancer.

Using an emotive video of Dalmatian dogs checking their spots (naw, cute!) this campaign sends the message that we all need to check our skin – and our loved ones’- regularly.

The video links to an exclusive SkinChecker portal at laroche-posay.com.au/skinchecker, hosts simple guides on how to examine skin and information on what to look for when checking moles for signs of melanoma using the easy ABDCE method.

La Roche-Posay, a brand recommended by 25,000 dermatologists worldwide, has partnered with the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia to launch SkinChecker. Australia is the first country in the world to launch the campaign.

As well as the online campaign, on Thursday 6 November, the SkinChecker public event will take place in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, where people can have a free mole screening conducted by a dermatologist from the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia.
As a longstanding partner of dermatologists, this campaign is born from La Roche-Posay’s frustration of seeing skin cancer diagnoses on the rise.

“This campaign sends a strong message that we all have a role to play. It provides accurate and simple information to empower everyday Australians to become better skin checkers.” says Caroline Collier, La Roche-Posay General Manager, Australia.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Melanoma is by far the deadliest form of skin cancer and is the 4th most commonly diagnosed type of cancer after prostate, bowel and breast cancer. And it’s increasing - this year, over 14,000 Australians are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma, up from 11,405 in 2010.

However, if diagnosed early enough, 90% of melanoma cases can be treated effectively.

“Skin self-examination is not a frequent behaviour in the population, and it is one of the most powerful tools to achieve early diagnosis of skin cancer and melanoma,” says Associate Professor Pablo Fernandez-Peñas, from the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia.

La Roche-Posay’s commitment to the cause goes back several years since it teamed with the International Dermoscopy society to provide dermatologists and healthcare professionals across the world with training days, podcasts and a dedicated information site: UV-damage.org

But with skin cancer rates increasing, La Roche-Posay wants to engage more people in the fight. This campaign aims to spread a simple message: everyone can become a SkinChecker and stop this cancer now.

As easy as ABCDE
Checking your skin couldn’t be easier, with the simple mnemonic ABCDE, developed and promoted by dermatologists worldwide. It’s a five-point method of Asymmetry, Border, Colour, Dimension and Evolution, which helps you identify a potential problem and seek medical advice.

Visit laroche-posay.com.au/skinchecker to watch the video and download the method.

More about LA ROCHE-POSAY:

Created by a pharmacist in 1975, this dermo-cosmetic brand is recommended by 25,000 dermatologists worldwide. At the heart of all La Roche-Posay’s formulas lies a commitment to a brighter future for those with sensitive skin issues, from infancy through to adulthood. All of the brand’s products offer minimalist and effective formulas, containing its very own unique French thermal water as the miracle not-so-secret ingredient. All of La Roche-Posay’s products are safe, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

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