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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Brooklyn Decker, Patrick Wilson Reveal the Unsexy Reality of Filming a Sex Scene (NSFW): VIDEO

The behind the scenes clip with Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson - from the upcoming movie 'Stretch', directed by Joe Carnahan - has now gone viral. It proves that filming a sex scene really isn't very sexy. Actors always talk constantly about how awkward it is to shoot a love scene with a co-star, and we're all like, really?

It all looks so good on screen that sometimes it's hard to believe. And now, though, there's proof. Brooklyn and Patrick reveal the unsexy reality of filming a sex scene (it's NSFW-ish):

Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson show what it's really like to film a sex scene in a behind-the-scenes clip from 'Stretch'. Credit: Courtesy of Stretch

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