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Monday 6 October 2014

Carrie Bickmore: Interview With Blake - 'The Bachelor'

And so… 'The Bachelor' - the exclusive interview with Carrie Bickmore and Blake Garvey and Sam Frost, on tonight's 'The Project.' What happened?! What was said. All is revealed, below:

We know you're busy (or maybe don't care too much about it all? HEY! Why are you reading this, then… ha!), so here is your benefit of me tapping away and watching the interview, and transcribing it all for you. Aren't you a lucky lot!

So, here is what Blake told Carrie:

On why he proposed to Sam:

“I did that because I love Sam and because she’s someone I saw a future with, and I wanted to spend my life with.”

On what went wrong with the relationship: 

“It’s not necessarily something that’s gone wrong. It’s just a general feeling; you just know something’s not quite right.”

On how he broke the news of the end of the relationship to Sam: 

“We met up in person and just talked over it. When you have that time together and you feel that it’s not quite right, you have to listen to your heart. You have to trust your gut and that’s what I’ve done and that’s why I’m in this position now. That’s a difficult thing. It’s hard because I do love Sam, she’s just a beautiful person” 

On why he gave Sam an engagement ring (and not a 'commitment ring' like the first 'The Bachelor' Tim did last year):

“I was there, I was in that moment. Maybe you get caught up in it all.”

On whether he might be in love with someone else: 

“No it’s not about that, my heart is broken.”

On the possibility of Blake ending up with one of the other girls from the show:

“I think right now the focus is on this and getting past this. I mean, this has just happened and this is very raw.”

On the public's perception of him and whether he is worried about it:

“I really can’t focus on that. It’s been my journey and my journey shared with all the women.

“I’ve had my heart broken throughout this, because I’ve said goodbye to many many incredible women. All of them now. And that’s going to take time to heal.”

Wow, Blake is deeper than I expected. And his tears and emotions… caught me by surprise.

Your thoughts?

Don't worry.. Sam's interview with Carrie is coming up!

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