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Friday 3 October 2014

Tina Arena's Style: INTERVIEW with Stylist Heather Cairns

Having experienced Tina Arena's sensational 'Reset' tour at the acoustically perfect venue at Sydney's The Star recently (as well as Tina's incredibly beautiful tour held in a series of intimate concerts at the iconic Sydney Opera House), two things are very apparent when you are in the audience at a Tina event, mesmerised by this songstress and her talent: her dulcet tones and flawless voice. It truly is perfection. And: her flawless style, and how she carries herself, her athletic frame complementing the clothes, always styled to perfection.

On this tour, Tina collaborated with Leiane Taylor, an LA-based Australian hair and make-up artist, who she has worked with for 20 years. The beautiful fashion choices come courtesy of stylist Heather Cairns.

Josie's Juice interviewed the talented Heather Cairns on working with Tina and how to break into the industry:

How long have you worked with Tina, and how did you meet?

I have worked with Tina since July 2013. I was luckily introduced to Tina's manager by a mutual friend and that led to working for her. When I began styling for Tina I had just come back to Sydney from living in Paris, so we instantly had a lot to talk about regarding living in Europe and the differences in style between Australia and Europe. We both are pretty obsessed with European fashion and style!

How has the brief changed for Tina with each tour?
The Reset tour is the first tour I have styled for Tina. We spent months going back and forth over references and building a strong mood board inspired by 1970s glamour from 'Studio 54' and icons like Bianca Jagger, through to French style icons like Sylvie Vartan. This mood board filled every element of the designs for her tour.

Tina has an absolute knockout body. Do you pull a huge range of gowns/outfits to complement her physique, and narrow it down with Tina, or, do you have outfits custom-made?
Everything was custom made for the tour by Johanna Johnson, and Juilee Chione from Ms Couture.

How did you come to work Johanna Johnson?
I had approached Johanna to design a dress for Tina Arena's performance at the Logies. The dress for the Logies was so spectacular I couldn't wait to approach her again. The detail and extravagance of Johanna's work is exceptional - no element of quality or perfection is overlooked.

How did you come to work with Juilee Chione from Ms Couture?
Juilee and I have had a long history of working together, from magazine shoots to custom made pieces for music artists. I love her outrageous designs and the way she fits corsets is like no one else! I like the flair she puts into a garment and the incredible way she works fringing.

What kind of advice would you give to someone wanting to break into styling?
Assist as many stylists as you can and learn from them. Assisting is 'free school'. Study the runway collections and trends and read as much as possible about fashion and the history of fashion - the more references you have, the richer your work will be. However, don't only look to fashion; be aware of popular culture and what is happening in the art world - keep your eyes open… ideas are everywhere!

Grow and keep your contacts. You tend to have to ask for lots of favours when styling so remember to always thank everyone who contributes to your work - a little handwritten 'thank you' note goes a long way!


And below, Tina's outfits, as worn during her Reset tour:

The first, the breathtaking red dress, is by Ms Couture by Juilee Chione.

Next, the stunning silver dress created by Johanna Johnson.

And finally, a divinely flattering black pantsuit, also by Johanna Johnson.

To follow Tina and her upcoming shows and news, 'like' her Facebook page here.

And you can follow her on Twitter here, and on Instagram here.

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