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Monday 13 October 2014

Sally Obermeder: "I'm having a surrogate baby!"

Sally Obermeder is kinda unparalleled in Australia.

The busy TV dynamo - she is co-host on Channel 7's 'The Daily Edition' and an author twice over (she wrote 'Never Stop Believing', documenting her battle with cancer and her triumph from it; and she just co-authored 'Super Green Smoothies' with her beautiful sister Maha Koraeim) is not only a fabulous presence on our TVs, and a pretty fab MC for lifestyle brand launches, she also heads up her healthy living site with a good dose of fashion and fun, 'SWIISH'.

Oh yeah, she's also mum to gorgeous Annabelle - the little one turns three on October 15. Sally and husband Marcus share an incredible love for the adorable Annabelle - it's gorgeous to see.

Why is she unparalleled? Well, I can't recall an Aussie personality ever capturing Australia's heart quite like Sal does. She's honest and open and raw and beautiful. And you wish her well, from the the bottom of your heart - you can't help it!

And so, reading the world exclusive from New Idea today about Sally where she reveals to the magazine that she is planning for a second baby via a surrogate is heartwarming. Here is the cover:

As a consequence of her cancer battle, Sally had several embryos frozen.

In light of that, and ever the glass-half-full optimist, Sally told New Idea:

"But in a way, being unfortunate with fertility was actually lucky because it's given us the option of having another child, albeit not in my womb."

Read the rest of the whole emotional, beautiful story in this week's New Idea, on sale now.

We wish you all the very best, Sally! You deserve it.

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